Best Practices for the POS System Owner

The Christmas system attacks at Target (Dexter virus) two years ago and increased “skimming” techniques at a number of data terminals around the US and other countries merit an updated and vigilant approach to safe-guarding POS systems.  To prevent unauthorized access and increase the security of POS systems, the following best practices should be followed by owners and operators: 

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Promote Convenience and Flexibility in Retail Using Mobile Payment Terminals

Customer transactions, whether in the form of inquiries or sales, are considered the lifeblood of any retail store. The sales that can be generated by the store will keep the business afloat and supports the employees and other individuals working for the company. So the main challenge for retail store owners is to ensure that all customer transactions are captured and recorded anywhere, anytime.
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Which Wireless Technology is Right for Your Business?

There are so many forms of wireless technology available today that knowing what kind of Point of Sale technology your business needs can be confusing, and choosing the best option can be a difficult decision. Generally speaking, wireless point of sale transactions are conducted using one of the four following wireless technologies. Knowing which one is right for your business could mean a huge boost to your bottom line.
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