Why Lavu?

Lavu is a cloud-based, real-time, POS, inventory, tracking, sales, and computing system. If you are in sales, particularly bar or restaurant, hospitality business, the Lavu will change everything you thought you knew about inventory, cost analysis, and tracking.
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Reducing Costs with POS systems

Point-of-Sale (POS) software is most certainly making the world of all types of sales significantly easier and more efficient.   Quality POS systems can reduce overhead and costs and increase revenue if used efficiently.  
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Best Practices in Securing Customer Data

An effective and productive retail environment no longer just thrives on cash-based transactions. In a fast-changing and highly competitive retail environment, it’s now a must to adopt alternative ways on how customers and clients can complete the transactions. This means rethinking the possibility of mobile payments systems and incorporating credit card transactions. While credit cards have been the subject of a number of malicious attacks in recent years, the use of plastics is still a popular option for payment among shoppers.

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