3 Basics for Choosing the Right POS System

Posted by JRS POS Depot on 10/24/2014 to B2B
All POS terminals record sales and track inventory. It is therefore easy to find out if your stocks run high, low or just enough. A good POS, however, will let you analyze which of your inventory are fast-moving and which are sitting on the shelves. Knowing, in real-time, which of your stocks need a quick refill will spare you customer frustration and earn you more sales.

Expand Your Business With a Countertop Credit Card Terminal

Posted by JRS POS Depot on 10/17/2014 to Card Readers
A card terminal is a tool that will allow you to expand your business simply because it makes it easier for your customers to pay. Even among the elderly who are not used to online banking, transactions are made easier by intuitive apps that make carrying out financial transactions online a breeze without extensive prior knowledge of how e-commerce works.