If you’re in business, use a POS (point of sale) system, and haven’t heard of Lavu, it’s high time you did!

Business has gone mobile, in every sense of the word, and an old-school, hardline POS system is just about to become the T-Rex of retail, extinct! Rather than hold on to the past by your fingernails, we suggest you take a look at what an iPad, an iPhone, and a Lavu POS system can do to revolutionize your business model.

This is more than a little POS square to turn your iPhone into a terminal. Lavu is a cloud-based, real-time, POS, inventory, tracking, sales, and computing system. If you are in sales, particularly bar or restaurant, hospitality business, the Lavu will change everything you thought you knew about inventory, cost analysis, and tracking.

The front of house operation can use an iPad or iPhone. Imagine your servers no longer needing to write an order, then enter into a POS station, costing you valuable time and money, not to mention the potential cost of human error from a multi-step process, but instead they can whip out an iPhone, use a touchscreen app to place the order at the table, noting any special instructions right there in front of the customer. The mid-range, wireless POS terminal at the cash drawer picks up the order and sends it on to through cloud-based, wireless computing to the kitchen, where the expediter’s ticket is printed automatically.

No more questions about what a handwritten ticket might mean, no more wondering when an order was placed and which was first in the rotation, and much, much less time lost to human error; Lavu takes out the middle-man, the clunky POS interface your servers had to use to translate handwritten tickets into the system. There is even potential to have less service staff and cut labor costs!

But the Lavu revolution doesn’t end there. Because it uses full cloud-based computing technology, you can receive hour-by-hour, real-time updates on inventory, sales, labor costs, literally everything you need to know to run your business, in a snapshot in real time. No more clunky daily, weekly, or monthly reporting, although you can still structure them in. You’ll know, instantly, what you need to do to keep your business in the black.

So, why Lavu? Why wouldn’t you?