Many small businesses grapple with the need and transformation to an effective POS system, especially in relation to mobile technologies such as the tablet, smartphone, and especially the use of iPADs.  Traditional POS systems are expensive, large, awkward and clunky.  Usually the traditional sort requires extensive training on the use of the system.  The introduction of internet shopping in relation to mobile technologies hasn’t made the issue any easier and many small businesses face challenges associated with an economic and cost-effective solution to selling online.

With recent developments in payment software/hardware, many of these issues have been solved by the introduction of mPOS (mobile POS) by many companies, particularly in relation to an iPAD system. These innovative POS systems allow users to turn their iPad into a POS solution, and also provide a range of other useful features that are particularly suited to small businesses. Here are some of the features that this novel and revolutionary system has to offer:

1. Better Business Synchronization

Allowing users to better sync and collate sales information, iPAD based POS systems function gracefully making it easier to record this data.  Information which is gathered between different POS systems is immediately updated and instantly added to the business information database.  This syncing of processes makes record-keeping easier than tradition systems.  Keeping track of sales and inventory is always a key concern of the small business and according to some platforms –offline and online syncing of both business functions is available.

2. Real Time Inventory

iPAD POS software can give users up-to-the-minute information on inventory.  Thus, the retailer can manage stock more effectively.  This key concern translates to dollars and cents.  Many small businesses have issues with too much or too little stock which could result in either costly stock taking up too much space or the possibilities of missing out on potential sales.  Small businesses never have to worry about excess or lack with the ability to track stock both online and offline in real time.

3. Portability

The mobility of iPad based POS systems are geared toward the mobile business owner, manager, retailer or operator. The credit and debit card readers which accompany most iPAD systems are portable and small and the payment does not have to made over a desk.  Consider this fact if one is making sales at a concert, festival, showcase or sales venue and there is no physical storefront for the businesses’ service or product.  Many different applications and contexts can be envisioned with the mobile purchase:  construction contracts, deliveries of items, arts and craft shows, etc.  In addition, the mobile POS negates the need for clients to carry large sums of cash for a potential purchase.  These factors undoubtedly make the entire purchasing process much more convenient for you as well as your clients.

 The debit and credit card readers that come standard with most iPad systems are small and portable meaning that payment no longer has to be made over a desk. This comes in handy for businesses who have no physical storefront or when making deliveries, and also negates the need for customers to carry bulky cash to make payments, making the entire purchasing process more convenient for both your business and your client.