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Remotely and securely manage key injection, using on and offline methods. Your PIN pad devices will never have to leave their locations, decreasing downtime and the risk of fraud. Using asymmetric encryption to strengthen security, VeriShield Remote Key (VRK) is industry compliant with (ASC) X-9 TG-3/TR-39 guidelines for online PIN security and key management.  

Key Injection Flexibility
Download and deploy new encryption keys, on your schedule. With VeriShield Remote Key, you can remotely and securely manage key injection, using online and offline methods, saving time and money. The devices never have to leave their locations, decreasing downtime and the risk of fraud. 
Equipment Deployment
We are able to handle all of your deployment needs. JR's can deploy your equipment ready to go "out-of-the-box" to your customers.
Our deployment department can perform the application loads and key injections then drop ship directly to your customer.

Whether it's 1 unit or 5,000 units, we'll get it configured right and delivered on-time!
Key Encryption
All PIN pads used for debit and check card networks must be encrypted. Encryption is a security protocol used by the industry to provide a security trust for the consumer and it is closely guarded on their behalf by law. There are multiple types of encryption programs used by processors so that each one is unique. The current protocol is called Triple DES, which is the highest level of encryption. These programs must be physically downloaded to each PIN pad by the specific merchant processor by injecting the encryption keys in person and as such cannot be done via a download such as when a new program is downloaded remotely over the phone or through the Internet.

JR's is able to do key injection for many different processors and gateways. Though we do have many keys, we do not have all keys for all processors. Please inquire before ordering with the client ID and/or the issuing processor assigned KSN / BIN number.





JR's POS Depot, Inc.




Component Name: JR's POS Depot Key Injection Services 

P2PE v2

Dara Security 


Reference #: 2017-01164.001




 Description Provided by Vendor: JR's POS Depot is an independent POS equipment supplier and service provider in the US with offices in South Florida.
 Services include key injection and deployment of POS Devices of every major manufacturer.

We offer Key Injection Services for many processors. Here are a few.
Please inquire regarding processors not listed.

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