PAX SP30 PIN Pad SP30-00L-263-01EA
PAX SP30 PIN Pad SP30-00L-263-01EA

PAX SP30 PIN Pad SP30-00L-263-01EA

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Part Number:105-509
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SP30 HUB Cable Included
Pax SP30 Tri-Color Hub Cable: Serial 2m PN: 200204030000182
Other PAX SP30 Cable options
PAX SP30 Download cable 200204030000027 9 Pin RJ11 [+$8.00]
ETHERNET CAT5E-14FT (Gray Booted) CABLE [+$10.00]
SP30 to S80 Connection [+$10.00]
SP30 to Casio ECR Cable [+$19.00]
I already have my interface cable
Encryption help
Debit Key Injection [+$10.00]
No Debit Key needed
Debit Key Information
Pax, EM100 - Dial PN: EM100-N0-1E0
Pax, EM100 - Dial PN: EM100-N0-1E0 [+$32.00]
I do not need the EM100 Modem for Dial
PAX's SP30 meets the latest standards for PIN entry, ensuring transaction security . It leads the market for secure PINpads by offering PCI security, ergonomic design and an elegantly integrated privacy shield. The SP30 is a plug-in compatible replacement PINpad with a variety of connection options to work in any POS system. It's perfect for many different payment environments. The tactile, visual and audio feedback keypad minimizes entry errors and speeds up the payment process. The SP30 features a large and easy-to-read display, and customers clearly confirm the entered amount for secure transactions.

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