Capturing sales and sustaining transactions are at the core of every retail business. Every retail store owner strives to engage customers and capture their transactions to ensure the sustainability of the retail operations. And failure to generate these sales can mean the end of the line for any retail store. As a business owner, it pays to become pro-active in tapping new technologies that will not just capture sales but expand payment options. One emerging technology that’s expanding retail store sales is Near Field Communications, a technology that’s getting great support not just from retailers but blue chip companies including Apple. Think of NFC as a contactless payment feature that’s embedded into an enabled device, allowing individuals to process a variety of transactions. 

Offer customers with a novel way to pay 

While the technology can work for a variety of purposes including use on smart objects, transportation and social media, the excitement over the technology centers on ‘smart payments’. Through Near Field Communications technology, retail stores will have another creative way to capture sales. Instead of the traditional cash-based or credit card-based transactions, retailers can now allow their customers to pay for their purchases through the use of their smart phones including but not limited to iPhone and iPad. 

The technology at work is short-range wireless communication that promotes transaction within the retail environment. This can be done by placing the mobile phone or device near a terminal or reader that is powered by the NFC technology. This technology is continuously improving, with blue chip companies now tapping into the technology to provide comfort and convenience to consumers. Take the case of Apple, a company that recently joined the movement to support NFC-supported transactions within a retail environment. 

Allow retailers to host a variety of transactions 

Though the technology is still on its infancy stage, with less than 10 percent of merchants adopting the technology, still its addition to a retail environment can work wonders for brick and mortar stores. And this can work for your retail store by investing in reliable NFC contactless readers, the main tools in facilitating a novel way to pay. Contactless readers are available in retailers and online stores that offer full service transaction equipment including JR’s POS Depot. These readers are available in different brands including VeriFone, PAX and Ingenico. Most contactless readers including VeriFone VX 520 are compact, rugged and powered by a variety of connectivity options. These can also facilitate a variety of transactions like processing of gift and loyalty cards, making these readers as critical investments for a growing retail business.