H-8951 LTE Router Multi-Carrier data plans with 24 Month Price Guarantee
H-8951 LTE 4G Router

H-8951 LTE Router Multi-Carrier data plans with 24 Month Price Guarantee

*H8951 4G LTE ROUTER *INCLUDED with Data Plan
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Part Number:104-H-8951
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OVERVIEW: Mtrex offers a seamless solution for branch or retail locations that rely upon a wired “last mile” internet connection. With the Mtrex automated LTE router plus stand-by data plans, internet connections are automatically restored.  It is also effective as a primary method of connectivity for locations without dedicated internet access.

Challenge: In today’s connected environments, if the “last-mile” (or land line) fails, most remote locations cannot process “real-time” transactions.

Solution: Failover and redundancy for remote systems and terminals. Full turnkey cellular router solution at an affordable price point.  Paired with stand-by data plans (includes pooled data usage plans).


       Reliability: achieve highest uptime

       Value: offer differentiated service

       Ease of use: Seamless operation

       Convenience: restores full processing or internet functionality


When “pretty good” just won’t do

Many of our clients rely on their DSL, Ethernet or Cable Internet connections to provide connectivity for the IoT services.  While these connections provide admirable uptime, downtime is still a reality.

According to a recent Globe & Mail article, average uptime for internet connection ranges from 98.7 to 99.1 percent availability.  That means the service is UNAVAILABLE between 0.9 to 1.3 percent of the time.  While this might seem “pretty good”, that amount of downtime translates to one and a half hours per week of downtime at 98.7 per cent uptime.

What happens to the client’s ability to transact business and send information during the downtime?  It is generally suspended until service is restored.  Yes, some have implemented “store and forward” approaches but this can be fraught with both security and financial risks, not to mention the potential damage to the company’s brand and reputation.

The Solution – Mtrex LTE Failover Solution

With the Mtrex LTE Failover, or Back-up Solution, internet outages are automatically and seamlessly bypassed using our H-8951 LTE Router and Mtrex Stand-by data plans.  Here’s how it works:

Our router can work with existing on-site networking gear, or can provide a complete connectivity solution including Wi-Fi, all at a surprisingly affordable price point.  The H-8951 continuously monitors the primary internet connection, and when it fails, the device will bring up a high-speed cellular data connection over our LTE network.  This will restore internet connectivity and the ability to pass data and process transactions.  There is a nominal monthly stand-by charge which includes a data plan that could be increased should the failure be of a prolonged nature.  Since it is preferable to run over the primary internet connections, the LTE Failover Router will keep an eye on the status of the main internet connection, but only switch back once the service is fully and reliably restored.  The device has the intelligence to wait until there have been three successful retry attempts, and then it will switch back to the primary service.  This avoids the unwanted scenario of switching back and forth.  This service can be made available as a traditional purchase or can be provided as a low monthly lease payment to avoid up-front capital cost expense, working like an uptime “insurance” program.

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