Deciding whether or not to incorporate credit card terminals into your business is really just deciding whether you want to embrace technology or sidestep it and watch your competitors pass you by.

The unfortunate truth is that you live in a world where carrying cash is a thing of the past, at least in societies that are heavily reliant in electronic banking. You also live in a world where teenagers and young adults have little idea how to write a check. Today’s society is a world full of individuals who swipe credit and debit cards to pay for just about anything because it is easier. Whether you are spending one dollar or five hundred dollars, it is just easier to swipe a card than to count out that money.

Credit Card Terminals for Customer Convenience

A card terminal is a tool that will allow you to expand your business simply because it makes it easier for your customers to pay. Not everyone relishes the thought of carrying around wads of cash (especially if you are in the travel industry and are accepting international guests); credit and debit cards are not just a means to access funds in themselves, but they are also an added insurance against cash theft or loss. Once a card gets lost, it’s easy to have it reported and the card blocked; once cash is lost, it is lost for good.

Credit Card Terminals Encourage Business Growth

Think about creating a website for your business and trying to sell your services or products online. This is nearly impossible for you to do if you only take cash as a form of payment. You have to wait for the cash to be sent to you, and then your customer has to wait for the item or service to be sent to them. It is time consuming and frustrating.

Even among the elderly who are used to such correspondence, online banking and transactions are made easier by intuitive apps that make carrying out financial transactions online convenient without extensive prior knowledge of how e-commerce works.  

Credit Card Terminals for Added Security

The fact that most people prefer to pay by card means that your business will be more secure from burglary as well. If your business takes credit cards, it is far less likely for your customers to pay by cash. This means that even if someone were to rob your business, they would not get away with very much cash.

Countertop credit card terminals offer a sense of security and an opportunity to expand your business. What do you really have to lose?